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Gateway to Hope operates the Rasa Family Centre, a place of love and healing for abused and abandoned women and children.



Where Has The Time Gone?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Where has the time gone!  This summer we went home to Winnipeg and enjoyed some much needed camping time with our kids and grand kids.   We were also given the opportunity to share in five different churches what God has been doing in our lives and through the ministry of Gateway to Hope.  We were so glad to see and meet so many friends, new and old.

On our return to Rasa we had a large shipment of clothing and household equipment from Norway ready for us to distribute to people who have very little. It was and continues to be a lot of work but it is worth it.  What joy to see people receiving warm clothing, shoes and linen before the school season started.  We had so much second hand material to give away that we partnered with other missionaries and ministries in our area to distribute the materials.

Also on our return to Rasa, Reinhard asked us to pray about the possibility of our taking care of two abandoned babies who were at a local hospital.  These children still had family connections and so were not wards of the state.  After counting the cost, dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed, and shedding a few tears we accepted this was in God’s heart and purpose for us to do.  Within two months we had the little feet and sticky hands of two babies to love on daily.  These children's family came and visited our centre and gave Reinhard and Darcey "foster parenting rights" to take them into their care. We had been visiting these babies three times a week for eight months in a local hospital and so our hearts were already connected.  Other children are still in hospital with little hope in sight other than our short visits with them.  We continue this ministry but have found it emotionally much harder now that we have two babies thriving here at the centre.

Our centre is about 90% complete with only a few room left to finish and furnish.  We applied for our license a few months ago to open as a Maternal Centre for pregnant women and women with children in crisis situations.  This has involved generating a mountain of legal documents.  We belive we will receive our license soon after which we can officially open our doors to these women.

Meanwhile, we have hosted many community events on the site and in the Rasa Family Centre.  For example, we hosted a baby shower for three  women in our area.  For all of these women this was the first time they ever had a party to honor their babies.  We had several free clothing give aways in our yard.  

A team of students from Norway put on a children's program for the kids in the community.  Vali and Emilia, the newest part of our team, have started a Saturday children's outreach program which includes two nearby villages.   We have also had several women's meetings which resulted in five women making a life time change of inviting Jesus' into their lives.  Guest speakers for these meetings have come from far away countries including the States and from Canada my sister and niece.

John and I rejoiced over the visit of our family members coming to spend precious time with us.  What a great taste of home!  Home is where the heart is.  We are always open to receiving more visitors.  We promise a wonderful, life changing experience, not to mention wonderful meals from John's own kitchen.

John & Doris