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Gateway to Hope operates the Rasa Family Centre, a place of love and healing for abused and abandoned women and children.



Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy New Year to our friends and family around the globe!  It is January 10th and there is still no snow here in Rasa, Romania.  Last week we saw the temperature go as high as 13ºC and we are loving it.  

Local Volunteers

In November a local teenager volunteered to play with the children at the Rasa Family Centre (RFC).  She has now brought two of her friends to hang out here with us.  These girls also helped us put together the food hampers and distribute them in the community.  I was able to meet so many new neighbors because of these teenagers.  One speaks very good English and so she became my translator as we visited from home to home.  I even had her translate some prayers as we blessed the widows we met.  We are praying that God would bring healing for the broken hearts of these teenagers and that they would come to know Him in a personal way.  Isn’t it amazing how God is always drawing people to Himself.

Christmas Gift Bags and Food Hampers

In the beginning of December we welcomed three wonderful young ladies from Winnipeg who came to help us with our Christmas outreach program.  We are so thankful for these three women who helped us purchase, package, and hand out 750 gift bags and 60 food hampers to needy families and widows in the area.  Two have since returned to Winnipeg.  The third, Karen McNab who is a good friend of ours, has decided stay for a year.  Please pray that God will supply all of her needs for the year as she ministers alongside us.

Craft Night

In mid December we hosted a craft night at the RFC for the women in our neighborhood.  Fifty women showed up, many of whom were not believers.  Darcey shared how the love of God and His faithfulness toward her has been a constant in her life since she surrendered her heart to Him at the young age of 7.

Operating the Rasa Family Centre

During the slow cold months of January and February our goal is to learn all of the legalities of operating a high quality maternal centre in the RFC.  John continues to work on a lingering list of small projects at the RFC.  These projects will cost about $7,000 to complete.  Please pray with us that God will supply this funding during the next couple of months.  

Hospital Visits

The girls and I continue to visit the babies in the hospital.  We've seen a change of heart in the nursing staff towards us which is an answer to prayer.  

Prayer Requests

  • another couple to join our team
  • financial needs of Karen McNab who will be working with us for one year
  • $7,000 to finish the RFC
  • language lessons
  • personal financial support
  • health and courage to follow the calling given to us  


After working virtually non stop for eight years the director couple of Gateway to Hope, Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld, are taking a much need two month sabbatical prior to the RFC opening it’s doors to women and children in crisis.  Please pray for them as they seek rest and renewal for their weary souls.