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Gateway to Hope operates the Rasa Family Centre, a place of love and healing for abused and abandoned women and children.




Sunday, January 27, 2019

After a wonderful Christmas with family, friends, and supporters we made it back to Romania safe and sound and have plunged back into a very busy schedule at the Rasa Family Centre.  We anticipate several new mothers and mothers-to-be in the next while adding to the babies already here.

We are thankful for those who have come alongside us to help care for the babies and mothers in our Centre.  If you are an adult woman (18+) who loves the Lord we would welcome your help as a visitor (staying two weeks or less) or as a volunteer.  Please visit our FAQ page to find out more about this short term missions opportunity.

We are also thankful for the many gifts that come our way to help us care for the women and children at the Rasa Family Centre.  Whether it is jewelry for the moms or bibs and blankets for the babies, we are so thankful for the blessing your gifts bring to us and the vulnerable people we are here to serve and share the Gospel with.

Please continue to pray that God would raise up Romanian staff to help us run the Centre so we can continue to pour our energies into outreach, training, and evangelism in our neighbourhood and beyond.

Reinhard & Darcey