Precious Ladies and Babies

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Nancy Demary makes her home in Madrid, New York.  She is a gifted writer, speaker, and blogger who recently returned from a missions trip to Romania during which she visited and ministered at the Rasa Family Centre. 

Precious Ladies and Babies!

It was a pleasure for me to spend two weeks in October with missionary friends, Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld.  I had met the Neufeld’s on a previous visit to the Calarasi area when the Rasa Family Center (RFC) was a vision in their hearts. Upon my return it was a delight to see the physical fruit of God’s blessing upon this vision. Through the hands and gifts of many, the center is now a reality. How wonderful!

Meeting the rest of the staff:  John & Doris, Vali & Amelia, Mihaela, and others, allowed me to see how God selected the various personalities that would come together to create a place of love and care for women and children in need.

During my time there, the women and children indeed became precious to me. It was a delight to share God’s Word with the various ladies groups and to be a part of this Kingdom work for a short time. Ten weeks later as I write this, the memories of these beautiful women and children are dear to me. These are precious lives to God and He has chosen to demonstrate His love to them through the staff of RFC.

To the ladies whom I met:  

God has used your precious lives to influence mine!  Through your interest and desire to hear about Jesus, you made me rejoice to present to you such a wonderful Savior who desires a personal relationship with us and who is always faithful.  You have blessed my life.

Dear “Hospital Babies”:  

God has used your weak and vulnerable lives to remind me of what Jesus said about caring for the least of these. Thank you missionaries, for your commitment to them and God’s Kingdom in our world.  As the adoptive mother of four Romanian children, I understand how God can put a child in your heart and knit you together with them. You have stolen the hearts of your caregivers. It will be interesting to see who God has selected to raise you up for His glory and purpose. I know some adoptive Grandmas and Grandpas who will have a hard time letting you go. 

Various missionaries were coming and going during my visit and I want to say it was a blessing to meet each of them. John, who acted as our personal chef, served us some wonderful meals and made our mealtimes memorable.  I want to thank all who have been a part of making the family center a reality. May God bless and multiply its use for His glory.  I look forward to seeing you all again.

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