Through The Lens

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Randy & Sigi Hiebert currently make their home near Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In their spare time they produce video free of charge for small Christian organizations passionate about building God’s kingdom.  They recently spent a week in Romania for the purpose of producing a series of promotional videos for Gateway to Hope.

Through The Lens

The roosters crow as the sun rises on a beautiful spring day in the village of Rasa, Romania.  An elderly gentleman herds his turkeys down the dirt road.  The neighbour is out with his horsedrawn farm wagon heading for the main road where he will join the throng of cars and trucks already heading toward their destinations.  A new day has begun. 

Our short time in this small corner of Romania is spent interviewing the people who have been impacted by the ministry of Gateway To Hope.  The team, Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld and John & Doris Storey, have set aside precious time to give us a glimpse into their lives, their work, their people. Our ministry is to capture this on film and weave together a story God will use to continue building His kingdom in this part of the world. 

The week is spent driving to various communities and meeting people who share their stories with us.  We were expecting the people to be reserved and distrustful, but to our surprise they embrace us with open arms.  Wherever we go we are met with warmth and love and it is evident these people dearly love Reinhard & Darcey and John & Doris.  We and our camera gear are most welcome in their homes, their yards, front steps, and in their churches as we record a glimpse of their lives and how Jesus makes all the difference. 

Unemployment and the resulting poverty have robbed many men of dignity.  We hear heart breaking stories of women whose husbands have despaired and turned to alcohol.  Some come home drunk and beat their wives and children. This has driven many wives to a desperation for Jesus and fellowship that can only be found in the evangelical church.  For those who have not turned to God it has resulted in a high rate of abortion and abandonment. 

A new generation is emerging, however.  A young husband shares how while scavenging for scrap metal, he prayed “Please God, give me some work.”  He goes on to say “God gave me a job.  He placed me with a very good boss, Reinhard.  Since I have known God I have done very well.  I am married with one child and another one is on the way.”  Other workers share how Reinhard has been like a father to them.  Reinhard and John are the role models they never had. 

Two young mothers share how Reinhard & Darcey supported them when their children were ill, accompanying them to medical appointments,  visiting them in the hospital. Several widows express appreciation for the firewood, clothing, and food to supplement their garden produce. 

Pastor Marian sums it up beautifully: “Some people are God’s gift. This is how we consider these two couples, that they are sent as a help and a blessing to the church here.” 

Randy & Sigi Hiebert

May 2, 2017