Grand Opening From A Daughter's Perspective

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jenni Kroeker is the daughter of Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld.  She and her husband Dawson and their four children make their home in Oakbank, Manitoba.  They were in Romania as a family in 2013 and 2015.  In May of 2017, Jenni travelled to Romania for the Grand Opening of the Rasa Family Centre.

Grand Opening From a Daughter’s Perspective

Well, I have been home from Romania for almost a month now!  As I look back on that quick but meaningful trip I feel so thankful for how God worked it all out, down to the smallest details, for me to be able to go.  This trip was so precious to me - it was amazing to see this huge dream of my parents come into reality, and all the seeds they have sown (and worked tirelessly on) that are coming to fruition.  

When Dawson and I took our family to Romania over Christmas of 2015, the foundation of the Rasa Center had just been poured and we got to be part of helping put the first few walls up.  And so, to be there to see the finished building, and celebrate with everyone who had worked so hard in completing the building, was incredibly moving to me -  when I walked into the Center for the first time I cried because I got to see the miracle of what God had started so many years ago in my parents' hearts.  It was very emotional.  

Everyone was so encouraged and uplifted as we were joined by people all over the world during the Grand Opening weekend!  It was amazing to see the love and support that so many people have for this vision and for what God is doing. It is quite daunting to think of the task that is at hand, and the large ministry that will be taking place starting in the next couple of months, but the Lord will provide the right people and the provision needed. This really is only the beginning of something huge, and I know that God has good plans for my parents, their ministry, and for our family.

Click here to watch a slide show.  You may have to restart the video to hear the music.

Jenni Kroeker

July 8, 2017