From America

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We’re from America.  It’s amazing how God opened the doors for us to come and serve Him here and to work alongside these wonderful people and the different ministries they do.

One of those ministries is visiting abandoned babies in the hospital and getting to love on them when they really don’t get very much physical affection at all.  The situation is heart breaking but you know the nurturing will impact their lives in a positive way as they grow.

We have also been involved with the local youth and have already seen more than one come to Christ.  That is the biggest joy you could ever experience - seeing another person come to the family of God.  

We are so blessed to be working with these people and it’s been really amazing for us.  Their passion is to instill in people a love for God.  They also have a passion to bring God glory.  It is areally amazing to work alongside Reinhard & Darcey and John & Doris and the rest of their staff and volunteers.  

We are so grateful God brought us here.

Kienna, Kaley