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Our journey to Romania began in 1991 when we adopted a lovely baby girl from Romania.  Twenty-five years later God opened a door for us to return to Romania where we eventually found ourselves in the village of Rasa.  Our lives soon became busy sharing God's love and meeting the immediate physical needs of our neighbours.  

It wasn't long before we realized time and resources had to be devoted to long term solutions for the poverty and abandonment that surrounded us.  

Reinhard's background in construction made it easy to set up a construction company providing  employment to several of the young men in the area.  This construction company has been a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with young men, to mentor them as they grow in Christ, and to teach them to be the husbands, fathers, and church leaders God meant them to be.

Darcey's passion to work with women of all ages has been a blessing to the people around her.  She delights in visiting widows who have no family nearby as well as supporting new mothers with handmade cribs and other necessities for raising a young child.  This has opened the door to sharing the Gospel with many of the neighbours.

God then gave us a vision for an empty lot beside our residence - a shelter for abused mothers and abandonded children.  So was born the Rasa Family Centre which became operational in 2018.  

Your donation to our monthly living expenses means a lot to us and makes it possible for us to devote more energies to the work God has set before us.

Reinhard with construction crew

Reinhard with two men from his construction crew.

Darcey with homemade cribs for new moms

Darcey with the cribs she makes for young mothers in the neighbourhood.

Reinhard with Romanian man

Reinhard getting to know people (and practising his Romanian language skills) in an outdoor market.

Reinhard & Darcey with their baby girl from Romania

Reinhard & Darcey a "few" years ago with their new daughter from Romania.


Reinhard & Darcey



Rasa, Romania