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Helping the poor

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There are many widows in our area who feel very lonely.  Some have no children in the area and some are ignored by their children.

We visit the widows in our area and invite them to our Centre where we plan social activities for them and give them a meal.

We also support many of them with firewood for heating in the winter, emergency food, clothing, and other material goods as they become available to us.

The relationships we build through this program give us opportunities to share the Gospel.

Your support for this ministry is much appreciated and goes a long way to advancing the Gospel in Romania.


Widows meeting at the Rasa Family Centre including Romanian staff and visitors from NA.

Widows enjoying a meal at the Rasa Family Centre.

Widows enjoying a game of Bingo at the Rasa Family Centre.

Firewood for a widow.

Darcey visiting the neighbours and handing out Gospel literature.

Doris visiting a woman in one of the nearby villages.