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The Rasa Family Centre opened in 2018.  It soon became a busy hub of abandonded babies fostered by Reinhard & Darcey Neufeld as well as a shelter for abused women, some with babies and small children and some expecting to be new mothers.  Formal classes and informal teaching and modelling became a big part of Doris and Darcey's life in the Centre and John found himself in the kitchen feeding everyone.

A change in government policy regarding the fostering of abandoned babies brought that part of the Centre's ministry to an abrupt end in the Spring of 2019.  Although we were quite traumatized at the time, this turn of events turned into a huge blessing in disguise.  It gave us the opportunity to step back and evaluate what we wanted to do with the Centre and how we wanted to do it.  

We now look forward to reopening the Centre in the Fall of 2019.  We already have several Romanians on staff and continue to hire more to insure we comply with government regulations and to have in place the human resources needed to achieve our goals.

We also use the Centre for outreach events such as clothing distribution, Christmas programs, and Bible studies.  It is also a base from which travelling ministry groups and youth groups launch short term programming and outreach in the area.  

Your support for the operating costs of the Centre is  much appreciated and is having a huge impact for the Gospel in our neighbourhood and beyond.

Rasa Family Centre interior

Inside the Rasa Family Centre.

Youth group in the Rasa Family Centre

Some local youth who enjoy hanging out with some of our volunteers.

Community outreach at the Rasa Family Centre

Clothing distribution at the Centre.

Volunteers at the Rasa Family Centre

Visiting ministry group conducting children's summer programming at the Centre.

Rasa Family Centre