What is the maximum size of team I can send?

  • Ten

How do I apply?

  • Online application
  • Tap the image for links to the application forms

What will I be doing?

  • In general, working along side us as we share Christ's love with the people around us
  • Serving the clients and children at the Rasa Family Centre
  • Engaging in outreach alongside local pastors
  • Visiting, praying for, and helping with the physical needs of new mothers, widows, and families in our area
  • Assisting with various construction projects
  • Sharing a personal testimony
  • Participating in the daily life of the Rasa Family Centre including meal cleanup and ensuring your room is cleaned the day of your departure

Where is Gateway to Hope?

  • Rasa, Romania
  • 90 minutes east of Bucharest
  • Fly into the Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP)

Will I need to learn the Romanian language?

  • No, we will provide translation services for all ministry outings

What time of day should I arrive?

  • Please make every effort to arrive and depart in the afternoon Romanian time (EEST)
  • If you arrive late or leave early, plan to stay the night in Bucharest - there are hotels near the airport with shuttle service
  • Please send us your itinerary as soon as it is confirmed

How will I get from the airport to Rasa?

  • We will provide transportation to and from the airport

What is the currency in Romania?

  • Romanian Leu (plural Lei)
  • ATM cards work here so there is no need to bring a lot of cash

What is the cost to stay with you?

  • Short term volunteers pay $30 US per night
  • Pay cash on arrival
  • Long term volunteers are asked to contact Reinhard Neufeld to arrange finances

What is included in Room & Board?

  • A room you will share with one other person
  • All meals while at the Rasa Family Centre
  • WiFi on the grounds of the Rasa Family Centre
  • Bed linens, pillows, towels
  • Transportation

What should I bring?

  • Personal toiletries
  • Enough perscription medicine for the duration of your stay
  • Slippers to wear in the Rasa Family Centre
  • Clothing suitable for the time of year you will be here
  • Footwear suitable for muddy / wet conditions while on ministry outings
  • Small amount of cash and ATM card
  • If staying two weeks or less, enough clothing to avoid having to do laundry

Will I need an adaptor for electricity?

  • Our bedrooms are equipped with adaptors
  • Our bathrooms have North American style plugs
  • If bringing electrical devices make sure they are rated for 240V (the adaptors do not step down the voltage)

What is your policy regarding alcohol consumption and smoking?

  • We have a designated smoking area
  • We ask that you refrain from consuming alcohol while at the Rasa Family Centre

Will there be time for sightseeing?

  • We would love to work sightseeing into your time with us and act as your tour guides to local destinations
  • There is much to see even in our part of Romania
  • We ask that you cover all personal expenses of the excursion(s)
  • Our ministry support does not include money for sightseeing and so we ask that you also contribute to the expenses of Gateway to Hope staff acting as your tour guides

Am I allowed to take pictures while with Gateway to Hope?

  • Ask for permission before taking closeups of any Romanian people you come into contact with while working with Gateway to Hope
  • Please DO NOT post any pictures of any clients at the Rasa Family Centre
  • You may use pictures of Rasa Family Centre clients in slide shows to give reports as long as your church is not recording these as part of a service that will be posted on the Internet (consider arranging for the camera to focus on you during your report)
  • Please DO NOT bring your camera to hospital visitations
  • If part of a group, consider designating one person to take all the pictures for ministry outings

Is there anything I can do to prepare for volunteering with Gateway to Hope?

  • Pray
  • Assemble a prayer team to pray for you while you will be with us
  • Decide to come with a humble, servant-like, teachable attitude - God is the only hero at Gateway to Hope
  • Learn as much as you can about the culture of our area of Romania
  • Long term volunteers should prepare a testimony that includes how Jesus has made a difference in your life