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Since 2018, the Rasa Family Centre has been a home for women in crisis situations.  It quickly became apparent that providing jobs for the women in our care was a critical part of their reintegration into society. 

Our desire to provide employment for these women began with a used clothing store - New Start Boutique - supported by Ny Start Norway.

Our latest venture is opening a takeout restaurant - "Papa Rei - Pizza & Hotdogs".  It will provide additional training, mentoring, and employment for the women sheltering in the Rasa Family Centre.

Local employment allows a mother to stay with her family instead of abandoning her children to travel to other countries in search of work.  Once she graduates out of the Family Center, she will be able to live independently and have the confidence needed to support her family.  

Every day on the job brings opportunities to share the Gospel and teach and mentor women in godly living.  Providing employment has opened up a whole new dimension to our ministry here in Romania that will have an impact for generations.

We ask for your consideration in making a one time donation to help us get this project off the ground!

PAPA REI Takeout

Papa Rei Pizza & Hotdogs is located beside our New Start Boutique..  Both are within walking distance of the Rasa Family Centre.