Preaching the Gospel...helping the poor

✈︎ What is the maximum size of team we can send?


✈︎ How do I apply?

Visitors (staying about 2 weeks or less) submit a "Visitor Application".

Volunteers (staying for an extended period of time) submit a "Volunteer Application".

✈︎ What will I be doing?

Short term visitors and long term volunteers will join us as we

- work with the clients and children at the Rasa Family Centre

- serve alongside local pastors

- visit and pray for widows and families in need

- nurture orphaned babies in a local hospital

- visit new mothers and provide them with food and clothing from our supplies

- provide for physical needs of the people in our area including splitting and hauling firewood

- assist with various construction projects

Long term volunteers should also anticipate opportunities to share a personal testimony while working with us.

All visitors and volunteers will be living in community and so we ask that you join us in the daily life of the Rasa Family Centre by participating in meal cleanup and ensuring your room is cleaned the day of your departure.

✈︎ Where is Gateway to Hope?

Rasa, Romania, near the Bulgarian border, about a 90 minute drive from the capital city of Bucharest.

✈︎ Which airport should I fly into?

Bucharest Henri Coandă International (OTP)

✈︎ What time of day should I arrive?

Please make every effort to arrive and depart in the afternoon (Romania time).  If you arrive late or leave early, plan to stay the night in Bucharest.  There are hotels near the airport with shuttle service to and from the airport.  Please send us your itinerary as soon as it is confirmed.

✈︎ How will I get from the airport to Rasa?

We will provide transportation to and from the airport.

✈︎ What is the currency in Romania?

Romanian Ron (sometimes referred to as Lei).  We suggest, however, that you bring Euro or American dollars and exchange them in Romania.  Another option is to use your ATM card once you arrive in Romania.

✈︎ How much money should I bring?

ATM cards will work here so we do not recommend carrying large amounts of cash.  Shortly after coming under our care short-term visitors should plan to use an ATM to withdraw cash to pay for room & board.

✈︎ What is the cost to stay with you and how and when do I pay?

Short-term visitors pay $30 US per night for room and board.  Pay cash upon arrival.

Long-term volunteers are expected to raise some support to cover expenses.  Contact Reinhard Neufeld for details.

✈︎ What is included in room & board?

- a room in the Rasa Family Centre you will share with one other person

- all meals

- WiFi while on the grounds of the Rasa Family Centre

- bed linens and pillows

- towels

- transportation between the Bucharest airport and Rasa

- transportation for ministry outings

- expenses while on ministry outings

✈︎ What should I bring?

- personal toiletries

- slippers to wear in the Rasa Family Centre

- clothing suitable for the weather during the time of year you will be here

- footwear suitable for muddy / wet conditions while on ministry outings

- small amount of money (or an ATM card to withdraw money as needed) for personal expenses

✈︎ What is your policy regarding smoking and the consumption of alcohol?

We have a designated area for smoking.  We ask that you do not consume alcohol while on the grounds of the Rasa Family Centre or while engaged in ministry outings.

✈︎ Can I purchase medicine while staying in Rasa?

Some can be purchased locally but we recommend you bring all medications you think you will need.

✈︎ Are laundry faciliites available?

If staying two weeks or less, please bring enough clothing for your entire stay.  For longer stays, we will include you in our regular laundry rotation at no additonal charge.  All laundry is hung to dry inside or out, depending on the time of year.

✈︎ Will I need an adaptor to use electricity at the Rasa Family Centre?

Bedrooms are equipped with North American adaptors.  Our bathrooms have North American receptacles.

✈︎ What is the weather like in Rasa?

Summer temperatures

End of May to mid September:  average daily temperature is above 25ºC

On average, the hottest day of the year is August 1 (30ºC)

Winter temperatures

End of November to beginning of March:  average daily temperature is below 8ºC

On average, the coldest day of the year is January 20 (-4ºC)

✈︎ Will I have an opportunity for sightseeing during my stay with GTH and what is the cost?

We would love to work sightseeing into your time with us and would love to act as your tour guides to local destinations.  There is much to see, even in our area of Romania.  We ask that you cover all costs associated with sightseeing including the cost of gas to and from the destination, meals while sightseeing, and any hotel costs.  GTH's minstry budget does not include money for sightseeing and so we ask that you also cover all these costs for GTH staff acting as your tour guides.

✈︎ Am I allowed to take pictures while with GTH?

Please DO ask permission before taking closeups of any Romanian people you will be in contact with during your stay with us.  Please DO NOT post any pictures of clients or babies at the Rasa Family Centre or local hospitals on Internet websites or using social media (FaceBook, Instagram, etc).   Please DO feel free to share all other pictures with your friends, family, and church community as you share your ministry experience.  We are okay with your including pictures of clients and babies in digital slide shows in your church as long as you make sure these will not somehow get onto Internet websites or social media.

If you are part of a group we suggest one person be designated to take pictures while on ministry outings who would then share these with the rest of the group.

✈︎ Can people donate money to GTH and receive a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes.  Select "Donate" from the menu at the top of the page.

✈︎ Will I need to learn the Romanian language?

No.  We will provide translators for all ministry outings.

✈︎ Is there anything our group can do prior to our arrival that will maximize our effectiveness while volunteering with GTH?

- pray

- decide to come with a humble, servant-like, teachable attitude - God is the only hero at GTH

- learn as much as you can about the culture of our area of Romania

For long-term volunteers:

- prepare a short testimony that includes how Jesus has made a difference in your life


We are so pleased you are considering joining us in our work as a short-term visitor or as a long-term volunteer.  If your question has not been answered here please feel free to contact us.  We are out and about a lot and so may take up to a week to respond to your email.